Teff Hay
What is Teff Hay

Teff grass was grown as a crop in Ethiopia before becoming a mainstream fodder source. Ever heard the saying, feed your animals only what you’d eat? The origin of Teff Grass is said to be between 4000 to 1000 BC when it was used as a crop for human consumption. Anyway, as a recent trend, Teff has entered American soil as one of the most popular pasture forage. Teff Hay is an annual crop usually grown during the warm season, and we offer it to you!

As a perennial crop, Teff is suitable as a whole one-year crop. The cultivation process will result in how much hay you can harvest at the end of the year. Also, the yield will not be affected because the growth period from the time of germination is relatively deficient no matter how much you cut and grow.

bermuda Hay
Bermuda Hay

Bermuda hay is a perennial crop that is grown during the warm season. It is a sod-forming pasture forage plant, one of the essential crops for hay producers. Bermuda hay is a high-yielding crop that can give you about 7 tons per acre, as long as the conditions for growth are ideal.

It needs a lot of moisture and proper management of the crops during the cultivation period.

Alfalfa Hay

The primary purpose of cultivating Alfalfa is as a forage crop used for grazing and hay. You can also use it for silage, cover crop, and green manure. Among all the perennial forages, Alfalfa has the best value for feed and is, thus, the most grown crop for pasture forage.

This hay is an effective content in many animal rations, especially for breeding animals, growing animals like broodmares and adult working horses.