Bermuda Hay

What is Bermuda Hay?

Choosing the right kind of hay for your animal is no easy task. You have to go through a thorough process of what kind your animal needs; for example, if your horse has a problem with the digestive system, it is best to avoid hay with very high fiber content. When looking for the perfect hay, the primary goal should be to match your animal’s health and nutrition requirements to that of the feed.

Coastal Bermuda grass is best to make hay for animal fodder because other types of Bermuda grass do not have the height required to make good bales.

Amongst many reasons to use this type, is because it’s cheaper for production. But also for buyers when compared to other kinds of hay. To note, this does not mean that the quality of the hay is compromised due to its low cost. As we have said, we only get the best for your furry friends.

Teff Hay
Teff Hay

Teff hay, like Alfalfa Hay, is a perennial crop that is grown during the warm seasons. In fact, the harvest and growth of both types of crops are similar, and the Teff crop is mainly cultivated for livestock use and hay production.

Animals seem to love this crop due to the high palatability of the leafy stems it grows. Plus, it is high in protein and very nutritional for animals with health problems. Teff hay is fast growing and high yielding, which is why many hay suppliers like to harvest Teff hay for the feed value.

Alfalfa Hay

The primary purpose of cultivating Alfalfa is as a forage crop used for grazing and hay. You can also use it for silage, cover crop, and green manure. Among all the perennial forages, Alfalfa has the best value for feed and is, thus, the most grown crop for pasture forage.

This hay is an effective content in many animal rations, especially for breeding animals, growing animals like broodmares and adult working horses.